March 5, 2021

Listen to and/or download the episode here.

RALLY : Free Malik! Kick Geo Group Out of Cali! Stop For-Profit Prisons!

ONE ELEVEN TAYLOR – 11 minute documentary about transitional housing during the pandemic

A Queer & Trans Take on the Prison Industrial Complex, Abolition, & the Roots of Modern Day Policing – Sunday 3/7 6pm PT

Opportunity Campus: FB Live Conversation with Dominique Morgan

The Real Threat to Women’s Sports Isn’t Trans Athletes. It’s Sexually Predatory Coaches by Abigail Weinberg for Mother Jones

This Is How Sex Workers Win by Melissa Gira Grant for the New Republic

San Diego County to make inmate phone calls free

Indigenous Youth have shut down the port of Vancouver

#ProtectTransKids Toolkit

National Freedom Movement calls ‘1 Million Families for Parole Rally’ April 3

West Papuan have begun their movement for self determination. For decades, mining companies and the Indonesian government have engaged in a program of systematic abuse, disappearances and persecution to keep their interests.

Music by Crunch Push Ups and Deathcheck

Image courtesy Coffee For The People

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