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Links to shows updated through Jan 2021!

Hello, After much delay links to individual shows from January 2021 to the last show on December 31, 2021 are all active in the show notes. For other shows going back to August 2015 please go to the main archive here. My goal for the end of the year is to have those links in the individual show notes redirected to the new archive. Another reminder shows that appear in the RSS feed in 2022 to present are not affiliated with The Weekly Review. If you’re reading this and would like to help out as we find a place to … Continue reading Links to shows updated through Jan 2021!

Statement on the Genocidal Nature of the Gender Critical Movement’s Ideology and Practice

Here’s the Lemkin Institute’s statement on the state of fascist violence by transphobic people. This was written in November of 2022, and things have gotten even worse in the U.S. since then. I’ve copied and pasted it below. Please share the link with your communities s it sounds the alarm on how frightening things have gotten. It also provides a historical context in nazis targeting trans people and research on gender identity and sexuality: November 29, 2022 The Lemkin Institute for Genocide Prevention voices its concern over the growing number of laws introduced in the United States that target transgender … Continue reading Statement on the Genocidal Nature of the Gender Critical Movement’s Ideology and Practice

Spring 2023 Update!

The last few months we’ve seen hundred of anti-LGBTQ bills come through in the U.S. These bills are fascistic such as denying people access to health care and threatening those who provide affirming care. There’s a whole list of different states that have tried to get these bills pushes forward while ignoring ACTUAL threats to people (climate change, crumbling infrastructure, wealth inequality, mass shootings, mass incarceration, police violence, an ongoing pandemic, etc.) I’ve been meaning to update the site more often – it can be difficult to channel the rage into action. One thing cisgender people can do to support … Continue reading Spring 2023 Update!

Updated archives & SF Voting guides

Links to individual shows on dated posts have been updated going back to mid 2021! We hope to have more links up soon. In the meantime, most shows can be found at the archive. Please note the last show was on December 31, 2021 and more recent dates are other content that are not affiliated with The Weekly Review. Below are links to voting guides for San Francisco county on this site in advance of the Nov 8th election. As a start: Yes on J, M, O, No on I, John Hamasaki for DA, Honey Mahogany or Billie Cooper for … Continue reading Updated archives & SF Voting guides

SF Voting Feb 2022 – VOTE NO on Recalls!

February 2022:State Legislature: David Campos School Board Recall Measures: VOTE NO ON ALL! Measure A: Recall Alison Collins: HELL NO!Measure B: Recall Gabriela López: HELL NO!Measure C: Recall Faauuga Moliga: HELL NO! Who is funding the recall effort? courtesy Occupy SF There are two committees raising money in favor of the recall. The first is called Recall School Board Members Lopez, Collins, & Moliga, and was set up in February, 2021. The committee is run jointly by Siva Raj and Autumn Looijen. Raj has two children in public San Francisco schools, while Looijen’s three children are in Los Altos. The pair, who moved to the city in … Continue reading SF Voting Feb 2022 – VOTE NO on Recalls!