The Weekly Review

The Weekly Review on Mutiny Radio was founded in 2013.

from the now closed (Dec 2019) Newseum, Washington D.C.

Our perspective. The show is unapologetically anti-capitalist and seeks to provide an alternative to narrative spun by corrupt law enforcement, big corporations and government officials whose main interest is not protecting the people they claim to represent. 

Listen live. Every Friday we share news that might not might otherwise be heard.  We interview community organizers, activists, artists, and people who every day are the change we wish to see in the world.  Subscribe on iTunes.

Support The Weekly Review. We have our Patreon where you can support our endeavors.

Be a guest or suggest a guest. Our endeavors include helping others share their lived narratives. Contact us to be a guest or to suggest a guest(s). And if you were a guest before, we welcome you back.

Our guests. Every guest has taught us so much, and we wish to continue providing education and truth telling to all.  As fascist tendencies are creeping up, it’s all the more important to have a place to counter the fear mongering, victim blaming and punching down that people in positions of power continue to level against us.  

History of the show: The Weekly Review first aired in December, 2013.  It was started by Molly Trad and Roman Rimer.  Roman was working as an in-home caregiver for Molly’s father, Maurice.  Maurice enjoyed being read to and The New York Times articles were a constant request, his favorite writer being Adam Liptak.  Molly and Roman thought it might be beneficial to start a radio show to share articles with listeners.   We decided to choose topics and writers from more independent sources. 

As the show has progressed there have been many guests – activists, community organizers, artists, and more who have shared their stories and perspectives.  There is always so much to learn.

The show is unapologetically anti-capitalist.  One of the main reasons violence and inequality has flourished since the beginning of the U.S. is due to misinformation and propaganda. Corporate media and miseducation have been encouraging the proliferation of militarism and big business, both of which cause great harm to the environment and all living things.

Capitalism requires people to lie and therefore grassroots organizations and individuals must constantly push back against the narrative many of us have been fed since birth.

Roman currently hosts the show every week from Mutiny Radio and plays music in between news stories as a reminder of the importance and beauty of art.