August 27, 2021

Listen to and/or download the episode here. Extra music after the show. We Think Anger Is A Sign Of Guilt — But It May Actually Be A Better Sign Of Innocence by Emma Young for British Psychological Society Amid pandemic disruptions, grad students push to unionize by Katie Langin for Science Mag Twitter now has a tool for REPORTING COVID-19 MISINFORMATION by Katie Mack The Yes Men call into Newsmax & tell viewers Afghanistan war wasted $2T Underlying Causes of Homelessness Nobody Talks About by Cynthia Griffith for Invisible People Strong Communities Make Cops Obsolete online event on Sept 1 … Continue reading August 27, 2021

August 20, 2021

Listen to and/or download the episode here. Thread of ways to support Afghans by Sahdya Darr Afghanistan Community Advisory from CAIR-CA To Save the Planet, We Need to End Corporate Funding of Police by Shea Leibow Op-ed Workshop: Getting More Anti-Imperialist Voices Published! Wed, Sept 1st at 4pm PT online Shut Em Down 2021: Jailhouse Lawyers Speak interview with Comrade Chux on Final Straw Radio “In The Spirit of Abolition” – Jailhouse Lawyers Speak Calls For Shut ‘Em Down Demonstrations The Thirty Names of Night by Zeyn Joukhadar Evacuation Continues in Afghanistan; Low Rates of Vaccination Among Cops; Analysts Oppose … Continue reading August 20, 2021

August 13, 2021

Listen to and/or download the episode here. Yunakin Land Tax Counting Crime: A Lecture on the Politics of Crime Data and Its Uses by Tamara K. Nopper Barack Obama Has Been One of the Worst Ex-Presidents Ever by Liza Featherstone for Jacobin Judge LaDoris Cordell on 79 Years of SFPD Misconduct (2016) Queer Visions on view now at Haight Street Art Center Fri 8/13 – Sun 8/15 CRCAA Intro to the 5 Methods Webinar Sept 13 6:30 – 8:30pm Music by AhMerAhSu & AWKWORD Continue reading August 13, 2021