February 26, 2021

Listen to and/or download the episode here.

What is happening on the anti-trans bills front thread by Chase Strangio

70 Hotels Could House the Homeless, if San Francisco Buys by Nuala Bishari for SF Public Press

SF police return officer to patrol despite false testimony by Michael Barba for SF Examiner

California lawmakers push to stop deportations and end jail transfers to Ice by Sam Levin for the Guardian

As reports surface of ICE officers threatening to intentionally expose asylum seekers to Covid-19 if they do not accept deportation, we lift up nurses’ work to care and fight for asylum seekers.

A typical household pays Fox News almost $2 per month—about $20 per year— via their cable or satellite provider, regardless of whether they actually watch the channel – UnFOX my cable box!

WHO FUNDS FASCISTS? Fascists like to trot out an old antisemitic trope by repeating lies about antifascism being funded by a secret cabal of Jewish billionaires. But where does the money come from to fund fascism? A thread:

Music from the episode:

Main playlist

The Twilight Singers – The Killer / Wolf Like Me LIVE

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