February 19, 2021

Listen to and/or download the episode here.

IP5 Press Conference briefing with ASL interpretation– Feb 17, 2021

ID5 Solidarity Coalition website

Drop the Charges Against the Indigenous People’s Day 5 – Sign and share the petition

Your Disdain For The South Is Just Anti-Blackness by De’Shaun Harrison for Wear Your Voice

Five Action Items to Stop Anti-Trans Bills by Chase Strangio

Thread of Texas Mutual Aid documents


The Curriculum is a 15-week free public education course based on The Prison Industry: How it Started, How it Works, How it Harms.

This #BlackHistoryMonth, Black students, families, educators and community organizations pushed LAUSD to #FundBlackFutures, NOT School Police!!!

Biden Received $5 Million from Border Security and Immigrant Prison Companies During Campaign from Democracy Now!

California appeals court to hear arguments to erase West Berkeley Shellmound from Indian Country Today

New documentary exposes COVID crisis at private SF prison

Chilpancingo, Guerrero: #UnVioladorNoSeráGobernador

Listen to the music played on today’s episode here.

Image courtesy of ID5 Solidarity Coalition

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