February 12, 2021 with Adriana Camarena

Listen to and/or download the episode here.

Compassionate Alternative Response Team (San Francisco) – Creating a community-based alternative to the police response to homelessness

All of the anti-Asian violence in the Bay Area is heartbreaking and disgusting. Thread of resources + info as to ways to help those communities. from @BR0WNSGA

SF Eviction Defense Emergency Response Network Sign-Up

Amazon warehouse workers in Alabama are organizing to demand change.

February 20: National Day of Solidarity with Alabama Amazon Workers building BAmazonUnion

THREAD: How is all of this destruction happening for the Border Wall when we have laws protecting these places?

Maxie Adler’s piece at the border wall

For anyone needing/wanting info on the General strike in Haiti from TeleSur

Protesters in Gonaïves, Haiti – many of them armed- demanding the US-UN-OAS puppet dictator transfer power to the new Interim President Joseph Mécène Jean-Louis. “If they shoot at us, we will shoot back.”

Rest in Peace, Rose Wong by Eilís Ní Fhlannagáin

Music by Rose Wong on Bandcamp and Soundcloud

adrienne maree brown on Pleasure Activism – February 12, 2021 6:00 pm PT

We Rise: Building an Anti-Racist Jewish Community, presented by Kehilla Community Synagogue. Hear from @Yavilah and Black, Indigenous & POC leaders about how to create Jewish communities that center JOC & dismantle white supremacy. https://kehilla.ticketspice.com/werise

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