February 5, 2021

The show got a late start. The official podcast begins about twenty minutes in – listen here.

Due to technical difficulties we had to restart the interview. Fast forward to the one hour mark to hear it from the beginning, It is replayed in full without interruption on the Feb 12th episode.


Compassionate Alternative Response Team – SF

Cahoots – Crisis Assistance Helping Out On The Streets (Eugene & Springfield, OR)

Guide of how to organize a tuition strike at your school

Border wall scars: ‘It feels like if someone got a knife and dragged it across my heart.’ by Alisa Reznick for Arizona Public Media

UCLA Law Review on Friday, February 5th and Saturday, February 6th PST for our annual symposium titled, “Structural Inequality & the Law.” ASL/English interpretation will be provided.

Playlist of music here.

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