March 12, 2021

Episode available to listen and/or download here.

Short documentary with @them, seven year old Kai Shappley navigates growing up as a trans child in Texas, where she’s been banned from the girls’ bathroom. (2018)

Danger Ahead: States Will Be the Main Abortion Battleground in 2021 from Elizabeth Nash for Ms. Magazine

for those wondering why puerto ricans want independence please watch this video. rich americans are trying to turn the country into a luxurious paradise and displacing ppl. TikTok by @biancagraulau

There are better ways to respond to violence than locking people up for decades. Thread by Prison Policy Initiative

As a capital strike Kroeger closes stores to retaliate against grocery store workers receiving $5 “hero pay” bump. Thread by @nwbtcw

Behind the Mask 2: Mental Health Crisis Response – What would mental health care and crisis response look like without police intervention? by Berkeley Copwatch Zoom event Wednesday, March 24 at 7pm PT

Family takes legal action for death of Fil-Am Navy veteran who died in Antioch police custody by Christina M. Oriel & Ritchel Mendiola for Asian Journal

San Jose Demonstrators Say “No More Killer Cops Like Derek Chauvin!” from Indybay

Mijente sues Clearview AI in California. The facial recognition firm is dangerous. Its surveillance tool—used by 2,400+ policing agencies—chills free speech & endangers immigrants, protesters & communities of color.

Uber launches new union-busting offensive in Canada

Music from the episode here

Gig workers outside Uber’s Toronto headquarters, March 10 2021 courtesy

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