August 13, 2021

Listen to and/or download the episode here. Yunakin Land Tax Counting Crime: A Lecture on the Politics of Crime Data and Its Uses by Tamara K. Nopper Barack Obama Has Been One of the Worst Ex-Presidents Ever by Liza Featherstone for Jacobin Judge LaDoris Cordell on 79 Years of SFPD Misconduct (2016) Queer Visions on view now at Haight Street Art Center Fri 8/13 – Sun 8/15 CRCAA Intro to the 5 Methods Webinar Sept 13 6:30 – 8:30pm Music by AhMerAhSu & AWKWORD Continue reading August 13, 2021

July 16, 2021

Listen to and/or download the episode here. Cuba: US Pushes for Intervention Resumen by Angel Guerra Cabrera Trump Supporters’ Anti-Science Crusade Is Threatening Us All by William Rivers Pitt for Truthout Counting Crime: A Lecture on the Politics of Crime Data and Its Uses featuring Tamara K. Nopper, Tuesday, July 27th 3-5pm PT Republicans Force Tennessee Health Department to Stop Vaccine Outreach to Youth by Sharon Zheng for Truthout Support striking workers: Frito-Lay workers in Kansas are being forced to work 12-hour days, 7 days a week, in a dangerous factory. CA has $5.2 BILLION to give out in rent … Continue reading July 16, 2021

June 18, 2021

Listen to/and or download the episode here. “Mutual Aid” is a People’s Movement (an ASA 2020 Freedom Course) Abolitionist Resources from Black & Pink Flying Over Walls Letter Writing Project PIC abolition in one minute by Joseph Capehart Haymarket Books Not Bars Program Deona Marie Erickson Killed After Driver Slams into Winston Smith Protest from Unicorn Riot Biden’s new anti-terrorism initiative classifies “anarchist violent extremists” that “oppose all forms of capitalism, corporate globalization, and governing institutions, which are perceived as harmful to society” as “domestic violent extremists.” An Epidemic of Violence: Defending the Lives of Transgender Women virtual event – … Continue reading June 18, 2021

June 4, 2021

Listen to and/or download the episode here. (Coming soon). Oppose Private Camera Network in the Castro – Castro Community Benefit District Board of Directors Meeting  Monday June 7, 2021 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm PT Life-changing trans masculine penis surgery currently unavailable on NHS Citations Needed podcast on sensationalist “organized crime” “shoplifting epidemic” stories in national and Bay Area media and how they fit into a resurgent Tough On Crime narrative. AUTHORS ON THE STREET: a live, in-person outdoor reading! Sunday, June 13, noon – 1 pm PT @ Inner Sunset Flea Market Take Action Against Anti-Trans Legislation Block the Boat Update … Continue reading June 4, 2021

May 28, 2021 with Val Ibarra from the SF Public Defenders Office

Listen to and/or download the episode here. The show begins around 45 seconds in. Adachi Project Jeff Adachi, Frank Egan, & 100 years of SF’s Public Defender Office event Wednesday, June 2, 2021 6-7pm PT – Online event The Case of San Francisco Public Defender Frank Egan – Murder and Scandal in the 1930s by Jeff Adachi We Are Defender SF Public Defender San Quentin habeas case & SF Public Defender Media CODEPINK Statement on the Biden Administration’s $753 billion Proposed Pentagon Budget for 2022 Rallies, Marches in Solidarity with Heroic Palestinian Resistance Across the US from Tribune of the … Continue reading May 28, 2021 with Val Ibarra from the SF Public Defenders Office

May 21, 2021 with Carlos from House The Bay

Free the West Berkeley Shellmound! Save West Berkeley Shellmound and Historic Village Site House the Bay Mayor London Breed: Acquire 1,000 Hotel Rooms for Unhoused San Franciscans – Stop the Revolving Door – Sign the Petition! It’s Vacant, Take It! Homes Not Jails Squatting Zine Street Sheet More High Schoolers Are Gender-Diverse Than We Thought by Britni De La Cretaz for Them Palestinian filmmaker Elia Suleiman to stream all his films for free The Military Is Creating a ‘Gig Eagle’ App to Uber-ize Its Workforce by Edward Ongweso, Jr. for Vice How I Became a Police Abolitionist by Derecka Purnell … Continue reading May 21, 2021 with Carlos from House The Bay

May 14, 2021

Listen to and/or download the episode here. Program begins just before the 2 minute mark. Jewish-led actions against apartheid – We are gathering with our community and calling on our Jewish institutions to speak out against Israeli violence being done in our names as Jews. Jews Against Apartheid Debrief and What’s Next – Open Organizing Call on Tuesday, May 18th at 8pm ET The Latest Texas Abortion Ban Is Bad. Really, Really Bad – Rewire News Group TX bill creates an abortion ban that isn’t enforced by the state, but by any random motherfucker anywhere – informative thread by Andrea … Continue reading May 14, 2021