December 18, 2020

Listen to the episode here. How Portland Protesters Keep Each Other Safe by Isabella Garcia, Yes! Magazine When We Fight, We Win! An Analysis of COLA Wins Statewide – RAFA Rank and File Action Antifascist Resistance Heats Up Against ‘Stop the Steal’ Rallies & Faces New Challenges It’s Going Down Neo-Nazi attack survivors create tool to track racist extremists Contribute to National Lawyers Guild SF Music from today’s episode: Playlist & BB and the Blips Continue reading December 18, 2020

December 11, 2020

Listen to the episode here. A Threat to ‘Both Society and Consumers’: New Campaign Urges Reviewers to Stop Recommending Amazon Doorbell Cameras San Quentin prison staff forcing prisoners to accept liability for their own deaths from COVID-19 Biden Picks Raytheon Board Member as Defense Secretary | CODEPINK’s Medea Benjamin Reacts City and County of San Francisco December 9, 2020 – BOS Budget and Finance Committee – Re: Permanent Supportive Housing Help Support Vallejo’s Unhoused Community Alameda County jails handed 44 people over to ICE in 2019 Bay Area Freedom Collective Reentry House Colombian environmental official assassinated in southern Meta department … Continue reading December 11, 2020

December 4, 2020

Listen to and/or download the episode here. 250 million people participate in countrywide strike in India Help NYC drivers launch a platform cooperative Open Letter to Gov. Newsom: Hold police accountable and investigate the police killing of Sean Monterrosa by Maggie Harrison in El Tecolote A Call for Ivy+ Libraries to Divest from Police and Prisons and Invest in Life-Giving Resources Online Teach-in with Haymarket Books & Center for Political Education: People Get Ready Join Center for Political Education and Haymarket Books for a conversation on beating the right, strengthening the Left, and building power. Saturday, December 12, 1:00-7:00 PM … Continue reading December 4, 2020

November 27, 2020

Listen to the episode here. Articles shared this week: Amazon workers in Germany to go on strike on ‘Black Friday’ Trans people can now self-identify their gender with a few clicks as India launches revolutionary online portal DA Boudin charges fired SFPD officer with manslaughter over fatal shooting Historian Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz on Thanksgiving: “It Has Never Been About Honoring Native Americans” Homework: Questions About “Home”~ This worksheet was inspired by​ and out created by Qwul’sih’yah’maht, Robina Thomas (LyacksonoftheCoast Salish Nation). It has been developed with input from Corrina Gould (Chochenyo Ohlone from the Confederated Villages of Lisjan), Johnella LaRose (Shoshone-Bannock), … Continue reading November 27, 2020

November 20, 2020 with Dylan Rodríguez

Listen and/or download the episode here Dylan Rodríguez is an abolitionist teacher, scholar, and activist. He was named to the inaugural class of Freedom Scholars in 2020 and is President of the American Studies Association (2020-2021).  He has worked as a Professor at the University of California, Riverside since 2001, and recently served as the faculty-elected Chair of the UCR Division of the Academic Senate (2016-2020) and Chair of Ethnic Studies (2009-2016). Dylan’s thinking, writing, teaching, and scholarly activist labors address the complexity and normalized proliferation of historical regimes and logics of anti-Blackness and racial-colonial violence in everyday state, cultural, … Continue reading November 20, 2020 with Dylan Rodríguez

November 13, 2020

Listen to the episode here. Links/Resources mentioned on this episode: STILL ON THE LINE! Macy’s IUOE 39 Engineers Still Fighting Give-backs & Scabs After 63 Day Strike We Do it For Our Gente – Organized by Mijente: “Join us to hear from leaders in #Arizona, #Georgia, #NorthCarolina, & #PuertoRico to learn about the role of grassroots organizing in this election & how they mobilized communities to vote! 👏🏾“ So You’re Thinking About Becoming an Abolitionist by Mariame Kaba Playlist of music from this week Continue reading November 13, 2020

November 6, 2020 with Shawna Virago

Listen to the episode here, starts about 4 minutes in. Links: SF Transgender Film Festival November 12-15, 2020 – ONLINE! Shawna Virago Berkeley Copwatch & Refuse to Be Abused! Volunteer with Berkeley Copwatch! Nov. 9 at 6PM Center For Political Education To Prevent Abhorrent State-Run Voter Suppression and Police Brutality, Look to Local Action beyond Election Years by Anoa Changa for Scalawag Seven Lessons the US Left Can Learn from Egypt to Resist Post-Election Fascism by Nadine Naber and Atef Said for Truthout Shawna Virago’s new single “Heaven Sent Delinquent” (Electric Mix): Continue reading November 6, 2020 with Shawna Virago

October 30, 2020 with Jess from CCSF

Listen to the episode here. We hear from Jess who updates us on what CCSF students are asking from Board of Trustees around 1hour and 16 minutes in. Links of topics discussed on today’s show: CCSF Collective & AN OPEN LETTER REGARDING THE CCSF BOARD OF TRUSTEE ELECTIONS About Face: Veterans Against the War resource: Troop Support and Report Form Nearly 1,000 instances of police brutality recorded in US anti-racism protests What 2,392 Incarcerated People Think About #DefundThePolice We Should Still Defund the Police Abolitionist Educators Webinar/ Campus after Cops: Building Abolitionist Communities NATIONAL NETWORK OF ABORTION FUNDS Combatting falsehoods … Continue reading October 30, 2020 with Jess from CCSF

October 23, 2020 with Nicole Maxali

Listen and/or download the full episode here. Interview with Nicole Maxali begins around half an hour in. Links: Generations of Consciousness, Culture & Community: The Salaver Family Story Saturday, Oct 24th at 6pm PST Manifesting Magic with Nicole Maxali Support Indigenous Rights and the restoration of Indigenous foodways by telling Warren Buffett and PacifiCorp to remove the KlamathDams! California Court of Appeal Orders 50% Population Reduction at San Quentin Activists Build Facial Recognition to ID Cops Who Hide Their Badges Nigeria’s #EndSARS protests Police Reform Works — For the Police KC Tenants has blockaded the court entrance. 6 people have … Continue reading October 23, 2020 with Nicole Maxali