Spring 2023 Update!

The last few months we’ve seen hundred of anti-LGBTQ bills come through in the U.S. These bills are fascistic such as denying people access to health care and threatening those who provide affirming care. There’s a whole list of different states that have tried to get these bills pushes forward while ignoring ACTUAL threats to people (climate change, crumbling infrastructure, wealth inequality, mass shootings, mass incarceration, police violence, an ongoing pandemic, etc.)

I’ve been meaning to update the site more often – it can be difficult to channel the rage into action. One thing cisgender people can do to support trans folks is to shut down transphobic talking points whenever and wherever you hear it. This can be people arguing that they want to “protect women’s” sports (not by ensuring it gets equal funding to men’s sports and/or holding abusive cis male coaches accountable, but rather by excluding trans women and trans girls from participating). The GOP has outwardly expressed their wishes to expel LGBTQ folks from society because they can’t offer anything to help constituents, merely giving them scapegoats to hate and blame.

Today marks 15 years since I decided to pursue transitioning, and I have no regrets in moving forward. I only wish the world had been and would continue to be more supportive of trans, non-binary and intersex people. We’ve been around forever and will continue to be.

I’ll continue adding links for folks to follow.

Erin in the Morning:

Erin In The Morning

Erin In The Morning

News and discussion on trans legislation and life

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