SF Voting Feb 2022 – VOTE NO on Recalls!

February 2022:
State Legislature: David Campos

School Board Recall Measures: VOTE NO ON ALL!

Measure A: Recall Alison Collins: HELL NO!
Measure B: Recall Gabriela López: HELL NO!
Measure C: Recall Faauuga Moliga: HELL NO!

Who is funding the recall effort? courtesy Occupy SF

There are two committees raising money in favor of the recall. The first is called Recall School Board Members Lopez, Collins, & Moliga, and was set up in February, 2021.

The committee is run jointly by Siva Raj and Autumn Looijen. Raj has two children in public San Francisco schools, while Looijen’s three children are in Los Altos. The pair, who moved to the city in December, 2020, came under some criticism for appearing on conservative commentator Glenn Beck’s show to promote the recall last March.

The second committee is called Concerned Parents Supporting The Recall Of Collins, Lopez, And Moliga, and was set up more recently. They began taking donations in late November, 2021.

This committee is run by Todd David, a public school parent and executive director of the advocacy group Housing Action Coalition. David has been involved in several political causes in San Francisco: He was political director of the Scott Wiener’s 2016 State Senate campaign, campaign manager for the 2016 campaign to secure Recreation and Parks funding, and a founding member of the San Francisco Parents PAC in 2010.

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