May 28, 2021 with Val Ibarra from the SF Public Defenders Office

Listen to and/or download the episode here. The show begins around 45 seconds in.

Adachi Project

Jeff Adachi, Frank Egan, & 100 years of SF’s Public Defender Office event Wednesday, June 2, 2021 6-7pm PT – Online event

The Case of San Francisco Public Defender Frank Egan – Murder and Scandal in the 1930s by Jeff Adachi

We Are Defender

SF Public Defender

San Quentin habeas case & SF Public Defender Media

CODEPINK Statement on the Biden Administration’s $753 billion Proposed Pentagon Budget for 2022

Rallies, Marches in Solidarity with Heroic Palestinian Resistance Across the US from Tribune of the People

Block the Boat #BDS End Israeli Apartheid

How Uber is Scamming You video from Edward Ongweso, Jr. & Gravel Institute

Truth about health care for trans youth in TN thread by Chase Strangio

Large-scale reptile extinctions following European colonization of the Guadeloupe Islands from Science Advances

Privacy in tech thread by Robert G. Reeve

We Take Care Of Us: A Deep Dive Into The Movement to Decriminalize Mental Health & Skin Color – Thursday, June 3rd 2021, 12-3pm PT

Music from the episode Weyes Blood – Generation Why and the Linda LIndas live @ LA Public LIbrary

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