May 21, 2021 with Carlos from House The Bay

Listen to and/or download the episode here.

Free the West Berkeley Shellmound!

Save West Berkeley Shellmound and Historic Village Site

House the Bay

Mayor London Breed: Acquire 1,000 Hotel Rooms for Unhoused San Franciscans – Stop the Revolving Door – Sign the Petition!

It’s Vacant, Take It! Homes Not Jails Squatting Zine

Street Sheet

More High Schoolers Are Gender-Diverse Than We Thought by Britni De La Cretaz for Them

Palestinian filmmaker Elia Suleiman to stream all his films for free

The Military Is Creating a ‘Gig Eagle’ App to Uber-ize Its Workforce by Edward Ongweso, Jr. for Vice

How I Became a Police Abolitionist by Derecka Purnell for The Atlantic

List of San Francisco Empty And Abandoned Buildings – Through Quarter 1, 2021

Listen to music from the episode here

Image courtesy Sacred Land Film Project

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