September 17, 2021 with Shift

Episode on archive has been damaged. Hopefully we’ll be able to upload the recording.

Lessons from #OccupyWallStreet, 10 years later

Editorial: What do we do about sheriff gangs? by LA Times Editorial Board

Now @CAgovernor@GavinNewsom must make good on his commitment to prison closure . Watch and share @FinochioGraham’s video demanding prison closures across CA!

‘Worst I’ve seen in 20 years’: How the Epik hack reveals every secret the far-right tried to hide by Mikael Thalen for Daily Dot

Hacktivism, Leaktivism and the Future by Emma Best for DDoSecrets

Berkeley Police Helped Facilitate Neo-Nazis Putting Up A Banner Blaming Jews for 9/11 and Made Jokes About Vaccinations from Its Going Down

Join the national effort to welcome and support Afghan families as they build new lives in communities across America.

Information for Refugees, Asylum-seekers and Stateless People

Workers @HelloFresh are organizing with UNITE HERE!

JOIN WORKERS in calling on HF to make sure sustainable jobs are part of the kits.

Tina Bell: Unsung Goddess of Grunge

October Trans Lifeline fundraiser

Shift’s podcasts – Master Of Propaganda & Good Morning Mayberry

Listen to music from the episode here.

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