September 3, 2021

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All U.S. Nabisco factories are on strike.

The Hero Cop Trope – A Controversial History from The Take

How to show up for abortion access in Texas right now from the Lilith Fund

Under 18 and Need An Abortion? – We’re here for you and ready to help. Jane’s Due Process

Are Prisons Obsolete Notes

Are Prisons Obsolete? by Angela Y. Davis full book as PDF

Kwame Ture – The Principle of Capitalism

Kwame Ture – Reform vs Abolition

NARAL Activist Summit Day 2 Closing Keynote Paxton Smith

Tell Apple: No Spyware on my Phone

Abolitionist Library Workers Want Library Access for All. That Begins with Getting Cops Out by Jason Christian for In These Times by Jason Christian for In These Times

Racism in the Dewey Decimal System by Anna Gooding-Call for Book Riot

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Photo courtesy of Austin Chronicle

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