April 12, 2021

Episode available to listen and/or download here.

Note: This episode was recorded on an off day and the recording was interrupted momentarily. The show continues after an extended music break, so please listen til then end.

Asylum-Seekers Expelled by Biden Administration Say They Feel Deceived by Debbie Nathan for The Intercept

Second Uprising in Two Months at St. Louis Jail from Enough is Enough

Across California, 44,241 people are being held in a county jail without being convicted or sentenced for a crime. That’s three quarters of all inmates.

Walk out at Amazon in Gage Park!

National Day for the Haitian Women’s Movement

CCSF Student Coalition

The Bay Area town that drove out its Chinese residents for nearly 100 years by Katie Dowd for SFGate

‘A system of global apartheid’: author Harsha Walia on why the border crisis is a myth by Lois Beckett for The Guardian

Documentary recommendation: WOJNAROWICZ: F**K YOU F*GGOT F**KER

Music by 3 Teens Kill 4.

Upcoming events: Sean Dorsey Dance At-Home Season April 16-18, 2021

Stolen Land: The Struggle for Rematriation

photo courtesy of amwenglish.com

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