November 6, 2020 with Shawna Virago

Listen to the episode here, starts about 4 minutes in.

Links: SF Transgender Film Festival November 12-15, 2020 – ONLINE!

Shawna Virago

Berkeley Copwatch & Refuse to Be Abused! Volunteer with Berkeley Copwatch! Nov. 9 at 6PM

Center For Political Education

To Prevent Abhorrent State-Run Voter Suppression and Police Brutality, Look to Local Action beyond Election Years by Anoa Changa for Scalawag

Seven Lessons the US Left Can Learn from Egypt to Resist Post-Election Fascism by Nadine Naber and Atef Said for Truthout

Shawna Virago’s new single “Heaven Sent Delinquent” (Electric Mix):

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