October 9, 2020

Celebrations in Athens as Golden Dawn declared a criminal organization.
Photo courtesy of http://www.news247.gr

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NDN Collective has developed the LANDBACK campaign, a mutli-faceted campaign to get Indigenous lands back into Indigenous hands, and empower Indigenous people across Turtle Island with the tools and strategies to do LANDBACK work in their own communities.

Monica Roberts in her own words

Monica Roberts speaks at All in for Equality Advocacy Day in Austin

History of black bloc and how to bloc up safely

Fascist Golden Dawn declared criminal organization in Athens

Know Your Rights with Berkeley Copwatch Training – Intro to constitutional rights

Berkeley Copwatch Presents “Know Your Rights: Defend the Unhoused”

Haymarket Books upcoming events

Yes on 15 Rally in San Francisco at Bank of America Building – Monday 10/12 10:30am

Transgender People Could Lose Medication In U.K. Pharmacy Regulator Row

Link to music played on today’s episode (Johnny Nash & Van Halen)

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